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Bus Station

Large London Based Bus Station

Fibrelite has just supplied composite covers and GRP draw pits to this large London based bus station.

Eggborough Power Station
Fibrelite GRP drawpits

These have been installed where cabling is to change direction, to enable safe and easy access to junction boxes in a watertight environment.

Fibrelite have recently supplied FL60 flat sealed covers (600mm x 600mm, load rating D400 - 40 tonnes) and FL140 covers (1400mm x 700mm, D400 - 40 tonnes) for the station.

Fibrelite's composite covers have been specified for installation over service pits containing BT cabling and heating pipes, as they are immediately adjacent to a security scanner they need to be a non-ferrous access cover.

Now Allowing Easy and Safe Access

Fibrelite's composite access covers are lightweight, durable and very strong. Every Fibrelite cover is manufactured using high-technology RTM production methods to create a highly engineered, monolithic composite product.

Composite covers have always been seen as a high cost alternative to traditional metal products. However, with Fibrelite's technological advances in the manufacturing process, the development of our B125 covers and rising metal prices, composite can now compete head to head with the likes of cast iron.

Composite covers are now being used in a wide range of applications and are ideal for access to sewage systems, underground pipework, drainage networks, electrical junction boxes, water treatment plants and commercial fuel storage.

Lightweight Without Compromising on Strength

Fibrelite composite covers are tested to BS EN 124 and are available with
load ratings from B125 up to F900 depending on the application. They are
lightweight, strong, easily removable and available in a wide range of sizes.
Guaranteed for 15 years the patented monolithic structure of a Fibrelite cover
means that they will not crack or delaminate during usage. They are also
chemically inert and have zero scrap value meaning Fibrelite composite covers
are an increasingly popular choice over metal covers.

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