Major UK Rail Station

Fibrelite On Track with Lightweight, Composite Trench Covers for a Major UK Rail Station’s Platforms

Fibrelite covers feature an anti-skid surface
Fibrelite covers feature an anti-slip surface

Fibrelite has recently developed a range of bespoke, lightweight, composite trench covers, dramatically reducing the cost to cover larger openings. These bespoke covers have recently been installed over access hatches in the platform of a major UK rail station to give quick and easy access to services below platform level.

Lightweight Bespoke Covers – Easy and Safe Manual Handling

Fibrelite solved the manual handling issues by designing lightweight, composite trench covers in bespoke sizes, supplied complete with aluminium frames. These larger sizes allowed for fewer panels to be used to cover the openings, reducing overall cost of replacement, while still remaining light enough for easy and safe manual handling. Fibrelite’s composite trench covers offer the best strength to weight ratio in the industry, easily achieving the BS EN124 B125 load rating required for this application. In addition to this, Fibrelite covers come as standard with an anti-skid finish, a major consideration in a rail platform environment.

Key Fibrelite Benefits for this Project
  • Lightweight for easy and safe manual removal
  • Bespoke sizes available for large or complex projects
  • B125  covers selected from Fibrelite’s range cover A15 – F900 (BS EN 124)
  • Anti-slip surface
Lightweight Fibrelite covers now installed on platform
Lightweight Fibrelite covers now installed on platform

Heavy Covers Causing Manual Handling Issues

Previously installed, heavy, difficult to lift concrete covers
Previously installed, heavy, difficult to lift concrete covers

The covers on the platform provide essential access to services housed below the platform level and are lifted regularly, so routine maintenance work can be carried out. The previously installed covers were heavy, concrete infilled covers which proved very difficult to remove and presented serious manual handling issues to operatives. Removing the covers was a costly and time consuming process, with specialist lifting equipment often required.
Fibrelite composite trench covers
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