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New Video! Fibrelite and Competitor’s Covers Tested for Deflection
It's very difficult to look at a composite access cover and know how it will perform over time and under repeated heavy wheel loads. Many composite access covers look similar, yet perform incomparably, some leaking or even breaking after cyclical loading. Like any highly engineered product, the cleverness is hidden inside.
Composite covers are no different. Here we field test our FL90, multiport and a competitor’s cover for deflection, one of the key indicators (if the composite cover is fit for its intended use) how it will perform over its service life. Excessive repeated deflection causes a cover to fatigue and ultimately fail.
Record Interest in Lightweight Composite Access Covers at WEFTEC 2015
Fibrelite’s lightweight composite manhole and trench covers generated record interest at this year’s WEFTEC exhibition, with visitors from all over the United States and beyond including Panama, South Korea and Australia. Attendees who visited our team were greeted with demonstrations of the Fibrelite easy-to-lift access covers, and the opportunity to try it for themselves.

The team was impressed with the turnout of attendees and the opportunity to see thousands of other industry vendors in the exhibition hall.

Gene Hunt presented in the Stormwater Pavilion showing participants the benefits of composite covers within storm water systems and discussing the applications of composite covers within all aspects of the water industry as well as highlighting on the recent installation of Fibrelite composite trench covers in a wastewater treatment plant in Florida and a water storage tank on a Welsh housing development.

Meantime Jim Goodman was interviewed by Art Haddaway for Water World TV News and demonstrated just how easy it is to lift even a heavy duty composite trench panel as well as the many benefits of choosing composite covers over traditional metal or concrete.
Record Interest in Lightweight Composite Access Covers at WEFTEC 2015
Fibrelite featured on Infrarail / Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition (CITE) TV
Fibrelite's Technical Director and Head of Product Innovation David Holmes was interviewed at this year’s Infrarail / CITE exhibition, discussing new innovations in high strength, lightweight composite manhole covers, modular trench covers and underground containment systems.

David Holmes - Fibrelite - CITE

US TV News Channel Feature Fibrelite
Fibrelite's President Jim Goodman was interviewed on WTNH News Channel 8, discussing Fibrelite's high quality, watertight composite manhole covers, modular trench panels and underground enclosures.

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Fibrelite Wins Exporter Award at the Yorkshire Business Masters Awards
Fibrelite was awarded the Yorkshire Exporter of the Year 2012, sponsored by Leeds Metropolitan University. The judging panel included The Bank of England.

"In on-going tough economic times it is more important than ever to highlight business success in the region," commented Ian Briggs, Editor of

Fibrelite's strategy is based on significant growth in export sales particularly into new industry applications as an alternative to metal. Fibrelite currently supply over 70 countries around the world. "We are an international thinking business not a UK company trading abroad," says Ian Thompson, Managing Director who accepted the award.

Fibrelite developed the innovative 'lightweight' composite cover for petrol station forecourts and from there quickly went on to be adopted worldwide. Fibrelite is considered as the industry standard by the major international oil companies and continues to lead the way in composite innovation. Many industries including water treatment, railways, telecommunications, power stations and other utilities are already specifying composite as an alternative to metal and concrete.

The increase in metal costs has stimulated the theft of metal manhole, trench and gully covers. Metal theft is now having a serious impact on the global economy through inflated insurance premiums, high repair and replacement costs as well as causing extremely serious health and safety hazards. Fibrelite is strategically placed to utilise its quality, high volume manufacturing facilities in the UK, US and now Malaysia to offer a very cost competitive alternative to metal that can benefit all affected industries.
Ian Thompson, Managing DirectorManaging Director Ian Thompson being interviewed after receiving the award on behalf of Fibrelite

For the full story and video coverage click here
New Product Launch Exhibition Success at IWEX
Fibrelite exhibited at Sustainability Live at the International Water and Effluent Exhibition (IWEX) - the UK's largest dedicated exhibition for the water and effluent industry.

IWEX Exhibition

At the 3 day show, Fibrelite launched the new A15 load rated 50mm depth trench panel and received enquiries from the leading water companies and specifiers looking for an alternative to heavy metal trench panels and crumbling concrete access covers.
Fibrelite's access covers have zero re-sale value in the scrap market and provide an excellent anti-slip/skid surface which is guaranteed for the life of the cover.
Watch Fibrelite's Sustainability Live interview.
NACS Exhibition Interviews
OPW President David Crouse Interview
OPW President David Crouse was interviewed at the 2014 PEI NACs exhibition in Las Vegas. He told Petrol Plaza just how successful the last year had been for OPW following the purchase of KPS and Fibrelite; acquisitions which have enabled OPW to offer customers a complete retail petroleum infrastructure package including composite covers.

Jim Goodman Interview
Jim Goodman demonstrated the water-tight seal integral to Fibrelite composite covers for Keith Reid, editor of Fuel Marketer News, at the 2014 FMN NACS exhibition. As Jim explains water intrusion is one of the biggest problems for petrol forecourt retailers and Fibrelite access covers with an integrated silicone gasket are an ideal solution – particularly as they don’t require any bolts

Bob Ames Interview
Bob Ames of OPW Retail Fuelling demonstrated the brand new 68EZR mechanical safety break to Keith Reid, editor of Fuel Marketer News, at the 2014 FMN NACS exhibition. As Bob explains the safety break is one of the easiest to reconnect and comes with both written and visual instructions.

US Water World TV News Interview with Fibrelite
Fibrelite’s Jim Goodman was interviewed by Water World TV News at WEFTEC in New Orleans. Jim not only demonstrated just how easy it was to lift a 24” diameter manhole cover but also discussed the many benefits of choosing a Fibrelite composite cover over traditional metal covers - not least the non-corrosive and lighter-weight properties of fiberglass.

Fibrelite and OPW at Autocomplex 2013
Fibrelite attended the 20th edition of Autocomplex from October 23-25 in Moscow, Russia. In the PetrolPlaza Autocomplex recap video below, Carman Kobza, Managing Director EMEA, and Denis Pokrovsky, Executive Director Russia, CIS, Baltic, discuss OPW's recent acquisitions of Fibrelite and KPS as well as emerging trends in the petrol retailing market in Russia and the CIS countries.

Fibrelite Joins Forces with OPW and KPS

Fibrelite has joined forces with OPW, the global leader in underground storage tank equipment, piping and secondary containment products, including the innovative Loop™ System and KPS, the leader in high density polyethylene (HDPE) Fusion underground piping systems for retail fueling sites.

The combination of three of the most respected brands in the Retail Fueling industry, OPW, Fibrelite and KPS creates an unprecedented portfolio of complementary best-in-class products.

Fibrelite will continue to operate with our organization unchanged but with the backing of OPW’s resources.
Watch the video interview with OPW's President David Crouse – PetrolPlaza
OPW Acquires Fibrelite And KPS In Separate Transactions

CINCINNATI, OHIO - OPW, an operating unit within Dover Corporation's (NYSE: DOV) Energy segment, and global leader in fluid handling solutions, announced recently that it has completed two acquisitions.

OPW has acquired UK-based Fibrelite, a leader in composite access covers and containment systems for retail fueling sites and Sweden-based Kungsors Plast AB ("KPS"), a leader in high density polyethylene (HDPE) fusion piping systems for retail fueling sites. Terms of each transaction were not disclosed.

"The combination of three of the most respected brands in the Retail Fueling industry, OPW, KPS, and Fibrelite creates an unprecedented portfolio of complementary best-in-class products. This enables us to provide our customers with the best solution available, supplied and supported from a single source, anywhere in the world," stated David Crouse, OPW President. "By leveraging each company’s strengths, we create the best team to develop even more innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of our global customer base."

"The addition of Fibrelite and KPS is consistent with the OPW platform growth strategy,"
stated Soma Somasundaram, President and CEO of Dover Energy. "It's exciting to consider the breadth of solutions and possibilities that will result from leveraging the strengths of these market-leading companies."
About OPW:

OPW is the global leader in fully integrated fluid handling, management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling of fuels and critical fluids from the refinery to the commercial and retail points of consumption, including loading systems, rail and transport tank truck equipment, tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems, valves and fittings, underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping, fuel dispensing products, and clean energy fueling nozzles and accessories for LPG, Hydrogen and CNG. OPW has 1200 employees with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, Brazil, China and India and sales offices around the world.
About Fibrelite:

Fibrelite launched the first composite access covers for the Retail Fueling industry in the 1980's. From this point, a product-category was created in which Fibrelite remains the world leader. Fibrelite also developed the industry's premium line of resin transfer molded (RTM) tank and dispenser sumps. Fibrelite has manufacturing locations in the UK, Malaysia, and US.

About KPS:

KPS pioneered the use of HDPE Fusion piping systems for fueling stations in the 1990's. Fusion piping is the preferred technology for most markets outside of North America with KPS as a market leader. KPS's best-in-class system includes conductive High Density Polyethylene Fusion pipe and fittings. KPS also offers HDPE piping for LPG fueling applications. KPS products are manufactured in Sweden with sales offices and warehouses throughout Europe, SE Asia, and China.

Please see more information on the OPW website .