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Fiberglass Underground Enclosures: Pull Boxes, Splice Boxes and Piping Transition Sumps
Fibrelite manufactures a wide range of fiberglass underground enclosures designed to work with our line of watertight composite manhole and access covers. Fibrelite’s FRP underground boxes or enclosures are designed to provide a durable, watertight, sealed enclosure for electric cabling, conduits or large underground equipment such as pumps, valves or meters.

Available in a wide variety of configurations, all enclosures or boxes are designed to create the maximum space for installers to work. All enclosures and covers are manufactured from a corrosion resistant fiberglass material that will withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Fibrelite’s watertight enclosures are ideal for telecommunications, cable splice boxes, electric and water utilities and commercial and industrial projects.

Why use FRP enclosures with watertight composite covers?

Fibrelite produces high quality, strong, resin transfer molded components guaranteed not to warp, bend or break after installation.

The enclosures have a uniform molded exterior that allows for easy installation of bulkhead fittings. All of our enclosures are vacuum tested in the factory for tightness and are manufactured to withstand high ground water pressure after installation for the lifetime of the site.

When installed as a system, our underground enclosures will provide maximum protection for your critical systems, cabling or piping while allowing easy access for maintenance or inspection
  • Watertight – enclosures will not deform under water pressure
  • Can be buried up to 10 feet deep
  • Anti-static surfaces available
  • Vacuum tested, molded fiberglass enclosures
  • Guaranteed uniform wall thickness
  • Compatible with most chemicals
  • Will resist corrosion

Fibrelite's Underground Enclosures

Fibrelite's Small Underground Enclosures