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Dispenser Sumps
Fibrelite manufacture an extensive range of high quality, fully conductive, watertight, fiberglass dispenser sumps.

Made in the US, UK and Malaysia Fibrelite supply major and local oil companies internationally; customers include Exxon, Shell, BP, Chevron, Petron and Sheetz.

All our dispenser sumps are fully testable to ensure a watertight installation; have high quality UL approved stainless steel shear valve rails and metal work which can perform in the toughest on site conditions.

Fibrelite dispenser sump - 3d

In March 2012 we extended our comprehensive range to include the Tokheim Quantium 510 and the Tokheim Quantium 500T Adblue fiberglass dispenser sumps. These KIWA approved models are currently being supplied to Shell in the NL.

In April 2012 Fibrelite completed tooling for the Tatsuno Sunny XE dispenser sump which is being made in the new Malaysian manufacturing plant for delivery to Shell in Thailand.

Fibrelite consistently manufacture quality, fully conductive products that can deliver in the toughest on-site conditions and meet the international needs of customers.
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