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Lifting Handle


The Fibrelite lifting handle was designed following intensive research and testing at the University of Cincinnati. The ergonomic design minimises stress on the back whilst removing and replacing the manhole cover. The handle also
prevents injuries associated with manually lifting heavy metal covers such as hand and finger injuries.

30 dia clear opening gutter with lid


Lifting Handle Cabinet
The FL7A-ENCL cabinet is designed to fit two lifting handles securely. A lock and key are provided.

33 dia clear opening gutter with lid

30 dia clear opening gutter with lid
Key Housing Plug
The key housing plug is a simple way to keep water and debris out. This will allow easy insertion of the lifting handle key into the cover and removes cleaning maintenance of the key housing hole.

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FIB-KHP plug for key housing
Heat Resistant Skirts
The Fibrelite heat resistant skirts are designed to facilitate the installation of the covers and frames. They are bonded directly into the underside of the frame providing a shuttering effect when pouring concrete. Skirts are available for each model of the Fibrelite covers.

FL90-SK300 Fibrelite skirt
FL60-SK250 Fibrelite skirt