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We’ve got you covered
World’s Largest Range
Our trench covers are available in a wide range of widths, lengths
and depths. Custom sizes are also available.
Wide Variety of Load Ratings
Super Light Duty A15
AMedium Light Duty
Light Duty
Standard Duty H20/C250
Heavy Duty D400/H25
Super Heavy Duty E600
Extreme Heavy Duty F900
Super Light Duty A15
1.5 tonnes
Medium Light Duty
5 tonnes
Light Duty

12.58 tonnes
Standard Duty H20/C250
25 tonnes
Heavy Duty D400/H25
40 tonnes
Super Heavy Duty E600
60 tonnes
Extreme Heavy Duty F900
90 tonnes
Load Rating Scale
Custom Colors
Fibrelite’s composite covers can be moulded in virtually any colour or color combination and as the pigment is added into the resin during manufacture there are no problems with the colour scratching or fading over time.
Custom coloured trench covers - blue
Custom coloured trench covers - green
Custom coloured trench covers - yellow
Custom Logos
It is also possible to permanently mold any marking, including brand logos, into the cover’s upper surface in single or multiple colors.
Custom logos 1
Custom logos 2
Custom logos 3
Locks Available
Locks and restraining bolts available for added security, please ask for details.
Locks Available
Restraining Bolts Available
Frame or Rebate Installation
Can be installed onto our specialised frame or existing rebate.
Frame Installation
Rebate Installation
Our covers can be specially molded and shaped to accomodate for a wide variety of situations.
Custom logos 1
Bespoke shapes for corners
Custom logos 2
Apertures through covers for pipework entry
Custom logos 3Stepped covers for shallow rebates