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Fibrelite Composite Access Covers

The widest range of FRP GRP manhole covers, trench covers and
access covers – standard and custom made



Fibrelite’s extensive range of composite access covers can withstand the same heavy loads as traditional materials, at a fraction of the weight. This means you can safely remove all Fibrelite covers manually. Even at F900 load ratings.


Strong composite manhole covers

Fibrelite’s highly engineered GRP composite covers are operator friendly, inert, very durable and capable of withstanding harsh field conditions for many years, including corrosion, slow and heavy traffic and extreme temperatures in service (preventing freeze thaw and other hazards). Designed to be non-rocking.


Ergonomic and Safe Plastic Manhole Covers

All Fibrelite’s composite covers can withstand the same heavy loads as traditional materials, at a fraction of the weight. Fibrelite covers can easily manually removed, even at F900 load ratings. Fibrelite’s ergonomically-designed lifting aid also eliminates the risk of back injury and crushed fingers.


Fully customisable

Fibrelite’s technical and manufacturing teams work with you to create a solution for your needs, including installation assistance. Not only can Fibrelite produce an access cover to meet your exact requirements, but all sizes and types can also carry specific markings and be the colored coloured to your specifications.

Fibrelite Covers Are Ideal For:

✓ Access to Sewage Systems

✓ Underground Pipework

✓ Drainage Networks

✓ Electrical Junction Boxes

✓ Water Treatment Plants

✓ Commercial Fuel Storage

✓ Precast Trenches

✓ Airports, Ports & Docks

✓ All Utilities (Gas, Electricity & Water)

✓ BS EN 124:1994 A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900

Benefits at a Glance


Chemical resistant, maintenance-free and durable, no concrete to degrade, no steel to rust.


Safe walking and driving surface in all conditions. Far exceeding health and safety advisory limits.

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Color Colour to Stand Out or Blend In

Ability to color colour code – virtually any color colour or color colour combination. No scratching or fading over time.

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Logos and Symbols

Add your branding or symbols to identify the specific underground service that can be accessed via that cover.


Locks and restraining bolts are available for added security.

Unrivalled Strength-to-Weight

Lightweight and strong with covers that can hold up to 90 tons tonnes.

The Fibrelite Lifting Handle

All Fibrelite Covers Open With Just One Tool

No mater how complicated or varied your requirements, all Fibrelite access covers are removable by the same tool. Whatever their type or load rating – from A15 to F900, from steam covers, manhole covers to trench covers ALL are opened using the same simple, safe, universal manual removal tool.


✓ No hinges to fail

✓ No specialist bolt-on parts required

✓ No gas-lift or struts to fail

✓ 360° access once removed

✓ Hands always at a distance – no possibility of trapping fingers

“Dakin Contractors have worked with Fibrelite for over 20 years …Fibrelite is a company driven by providing a product and a service that their customers desire…Fibrelite provide top class products at competitive prices and back their products up with an excellent on-site service.”

Contracts Manager, Dakin Contractors

Recent Projects

Cadent Gas, Warrington, UK

Fibrelite was approached by Cadent Gas to provide a long-lasting trench cover solution, which would alleviate some onsite issues associated with previously installed concrete covers at Winwick Road, Warrington.

Indiana University, Bloomington

The previously installed metal covers made access difficult, the adverse conditions of steam vaults had caused the locking mechanisms to fail. The covers would heat up due to the steam vaults below, creating a health and safety hazard and putting the students and maintenance staff at risk of burning themselves.

Oil Refinery, North Killingholme, UK

A complex large-scale renovation project necessitating a carefully planned bespoke design.


BSI Assurance Mark ISO 9001 KeyW
BSI Kitemark Reversed Gully and Manhole Tops

Fibrelite and Competitor’s Covers Tested for Deflection

Unrivalled Strength-to-Weight
The Ultimate in Composite Engineering

Supplying to 80 countries