Concrete and Composites: A Powerful Partnership

Fibrelite has formed a number of strategic partnerships with major precast manufacturers in Europe and the USA to provide a range of covers to fit each company’s trench layouts.

At the end of 2016, the UK government unveiled a record infrastructure spend pipeline of £500 billion-plus, £300m of which will be invested by 2020/21 ( Composite materials play a growing role in this, with expected growth in the construction industry of 42-78% by 2020 (to £510-640m) and £1240-1520m by 2030 (National Composites Centre).

Precast concrete trench systems are used extensively in infrastructure to provide protection for and easy access to underground services. As composites adoption grows, many precast trench manufacturers are extending their product lines to offer FRP GRP covering options by partnering with Fibrelite.

Historically precast concrete trenches have only been covered with concrete or metal covers which can weigh hundreds of kilograms at high load ratings. Over time environmental factors can cause covers to crack, fracture, crumble or corrode.

Fibrelite’s custom-made trench covers are proving an ideal partnership for precast concrete trenches with safe manual handling at all load ratings (even F900) and an inherent resistance to corrosion.