Fibrelite’s Watertight Manhole Covers Prevent Damage to Fuel Tanks During Flash Flood in Istanbul

Recent heavy rain and flash floods in Turkey’s Marmara region swamped transport networks, buildings and offices, causing widespread flooding across Istanbul.

This left sections of the city underwater including petrol stations, both on the E5 highway and in the coastal area. While some petrol stations experienced costly water damage to their fuel tanks, those who used Fibrelite’s watertight manhole covers were unaffected, with not one drop of flood water entering chambers above fuel tanks.

Turkish distributor Tora praised Fibrelite for their premium products . ‘Fibrelite has once again proven the quality of their products for the retail fuelling industry’.

Protect your petrol station, fuel, time, and money with the industry’s leading watertight, easy to remove, non-bolted manhole covers designed for natural disasters. With our 37 years of experience, Fibrelite is the #1 choice for manhole covers.