Light and Strong F900 Rated Composite Access Covers Increase Safety and Efficiency in Ports and Airports

Composites are widely used in a number of industries: aerospace, boats, cars and many more where strength to weight ratio is critical. Other industries are moving towards composites at a rapid rate. Two such examples are ports and airports.

Both are busy highly trafficked areas requiring many essential utilities which must be set under the ground, under an access cover strong enough to withstand container carrying vehicles and aeroplanes, often up to a 90 ton tonne load rating (F900) while still providing quick and easy access to the utilities underneath.

F900 dangerous cover lift
F900 Strong and safe

Traditionally heavy metal and concrete covers have been the only option strong enough. However, they have a tendency to corrode over time, a reaction accelerated by exposure to salt.

Our F900 load rated composite covers are becoming increasingly specified in ports and airports worldwide. In fact, a recent order has come from Poland’s largest port in Gdansk.

We are seeing an increasing number of ports and airports moving to composites to eliminate costly, time-consuming procedures that include unsafe manual handling issues when removing and replacing heavy cast iron covers and ageing concrete. This is especially important now, with HSE putting over a third of injuries (resulting in absence from work) down to manual handling.