Fibrelite Announces New Branding and Global Brand Positioning

Fibrelite is delighted to announce that we are launching our new branding this week as the first stage of our new global brand positioning. We have continued to grow and evolve through dedication to our core values of quality and innovation into a brand whose name is synonymous with product excellence, innovation and great customer service.

Fibrelite has led the way in composite technology since 1980 with the design of the world’s first composite manhole cover as a prototype for Esso UK to eliminate health and safety issues associated with traditional heavy metal covers. From there, Fibrelite grew as the retail petroleum industry adopted our covers as the industry standard, now selling to over 80 countries worldwide with manufacturing facilities on three continents, then were acquired by OPW (a Dover company) in 2013.

This commitment to innovation continues to drive our approach today and shape tomorrow, as we create bespoke solutions that reflect our global reputation and heritage.

As the experts in our field, we have access to a collaborative worldwide network with almost limitless skills, resources and experience. This breadth of knowledge allows us to consistently deliver forward-thinking, cutting-edge solutions at scale and speed.

Considering the myriad successes of recent years, Fibrelite decided that it was time to innovate our brand itself as a reflection of our new market positioning on a global scale as part of OPW and Dover, whilst maintaining our commitment to innovation as we continue to grow into an increasing number of new industries.