OPW Showcase Many Retail Fueling Innovations

In 2013 at PEI: OPW Fibrelite and KPS joined forces to offer an end-to-end retail fuelling solution to you, our customers!
This year we exhibited together to bring you a number of exciting innovations, many of which are setting new standards in retail and commercial fuel-handling applications.

Products featured included:

New CARB EVR-approved composite FibreTite Multiport containment system

Designed and developed in our US facility, the new flush-mounted, sealable multiport containment system provides unparalleled protection against water intrusion, easy access to overfill-prevention valves and optimum spill-containment protection.

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Arkema Flexible Piping: 20 Years of Setting Standards

20 years ago, OPW teamed with Arkema to create PISCES flexible pipe. Since then, with the advancement of thermosplastics technology, OPW created FlexWorks, a next generation pipe solution; today’s standard-setting technology for environmentally sensitive flexible fuel piping.

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Phoenix SQL Lite™ Fuel Management Software

OPW’s new Windows®-compatible Phoenix SQL Lite™ software is a standalone fuel management solution for small and medium sized fleets, providing powerful, user-friendly inventory-management and reporting tools to streamline data management. Now offering a free 60-day trial!

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Dispenser Nozzles & Hanging Hardware

On show: OPW’s comprehensive line of industry-leading nozzle, swivel and breakaway technologies for all fuel types including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol blends of all concentrations. OPW offers more UL-listed nozzle models than any other brand.

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68EZR-75RF Reconnectable Breakaways

Recently UL listed OPW 68EZR-75RF Reconnectable Breakaway (for standard gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends and biodiesel blends) uses patent-pending “push-click-twist” technology to provide the retail-fueling industry’s fastest and easiest breakaway to reconnect, while delivering peace of mind to site operators.

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PetroVend 100® Fuel Control System

Upgraded PV100 now supports up to 1,000 fueling cards, ChipKey® activation and dual-card operation, delivering increased capacity to new fueling sites and helps small commercial fueling operations expand as their customer base grows.

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723V Pressure Vacuum Vent

Designed to manage a tank’s vapor pressure and prevent contamination caused by water, debris or insect intrusion, the new UL 2583-listed vacuum vent meets all CARB and EVR requirements and is certified for use with all standard gasoline Phase I Vapor Recovery Certification and Phase I EVR Executive Orders.

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