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Fibrelite Delivers Innovative Covering Solution for World Class Defence Aerospace Engine Manufacturer

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Project Overview

After a previous successful installation for this end user, BBI (Beacons Business Interiors Ltd) contacted Fibrelite to supply a lightweight retrofit trench covering arrangement to replace previously installed failing concrete covers. Load ratings varied from A15 to D400.

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The previous installation was a concrete covering arrangement which was presenting a number of problems:

  • Covers had cracked and corroded, no longer performing as when installed as well as causing a number of health and safety risks
  • Covers were extremely heavy, requiring specialist machinery on site whenever it was necessary to gain access to the service trenches beneath

Previously installed failing concrete trench access covers.

Bespoke Fibrelite covers provide safe replacement for previously installed concrete covers.


Shortly after initial contact was made by BBI, the Fibrelite team attended the site to assess the problem and propose the best solution.

The Fibrelite engineering team then created a tailormade GRP trench access cover solution which included a number of bespoke cover dimensions in various quadrilateral and triangular shapes (below) for terminating trench ends. This minimised disruption of the site, allowing the majority of the covers to be fitted into existing frames.

Covers were manufactured at A15, C250 and D400 load ratings as required. Custom manufactured frame sections at 76mm, 81mm and 101.6mm were also supplied.

Key features of Fibrelite covers for this installation:

  • Lightweight, alleviating health and safety risks
  • No specialist equipment required to remove or replace – easy two-person manual lift using Fibrelite’s ergonomic lifting handles
  • ‘Fit and forget’ – maintenance-free covers will last for years to come
  • Aesthetically pleasing.


Fibrelite delivered the bespoke solution just over 1 month after receiving the order. The customer expressed an interest in updating further UK facilities with Fibrelite trench covers.

Bespoke Fibrelite GRP composite trench covers.

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