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LUKOIL Specify Fibrelite Covers for National Update Programme to Eliminate Health and Safety Risks

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Project Overview

A national LUKOIL Bulgaria EOOD project to replace old heavy hinged cast iron manhole covers on forecourts with Fibrelite lightweight GRP composite manhole covers. This project was supplied by SisCo-M Ltd and undertaken due to corrosion and deterioration of the previously installed metal covers, which were becoming increasingly dangerous for operators and site owners.

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LUKOIL’s previously installed metal manhole covers had become rusted over time, with hinge mechanisms beginning to fail and covers becoming unsafe for operators and site owners to remove and replace. The seal, around the covers were also damaged allowing water ingress. A safe long-term liquid-tight solution was required.

The previously installed cast iron manhole covers had rusted allowing water ingress
Lightweight new Fibrelite FL76 covers installed in Bulgaria for LUKOIL


Fibrelite provided LUKOIL with corrosion-free lightweight composite manhole covers. Being watertight and safely manually removable, these covers were the perfect solution to solve LUKOIL’s manual handling challenges.


Fibrelite FL76 covers require minimal maintenance and perform for the life of the site, making them a “fit and forget” solution. A rapid design to delivery process, and a responsive local distribution network also guarantee fast turnaround times.

Easily removable Fibrelite covers installed for LUKOIL in Bulgaria
Fibrelite watertight manhole covers helped LUKOIL to eliminate water ingress

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