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Fibrelite’s Watertight Covers Chosen for Groundwater Collector at Paper Factory in Germany

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Project Overview

The paper manufacturer‚ Papierwerke Lenk, located in a Southern region of Germany, produces a wide range of paper stocks. Water, required for paper production, is routed from the nearby river through pipelines under the foundation of the factory into a groundwater collector. This is encircled by a 90cm high enclosure to prevent splashes into surrounding areas.

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The groundwater collector is located in the basement of the factory, alongside the waste processing plant. New government regulations require a watertight barrier between groundwater collection points and waste areas to protect the ground water effectively from splashes and penetration of paper sludge.

Papierwerke Lenk groundwater collector.
Papierwerke Lenk groundwater collector

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KHK (a Fibrelite distributor based in Germany) proposed a simple solution using two Fibrelite FL900 sealed covers side by side (access to full clear opening was not required). Fibrelite’s aluminium frames were attached to the base with a blue epoxy resin, completing the watertight seal. This allowed easy access to the opening for monitoring and maintenance while preventing penetration of paper sludge.

The blue epoxy resin is applied to the base.
The blue epoxy resin is applied to the base
The aluminium frame is placed on the resin.
The aluminium frame is placed on the resin
Complete installed Fibrelite covers.
Complete installed Fibrelite covers


After less than two hours, the groundwater collector was successfully sealed with Fibrelite covers and epoxy resin and government requirements fulfilled.

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