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Premier Retail Petroleum Facility Chooses Fibrelite Tank Sumps and Covers

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US Premier Retail Petroleum Facility
US Premier Retail Petroleum Facility

The world’s largest casino, Foxwoods Resort Casino located in Ledyard, Connecticut on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation has now completed the development of a premier gasoline station and convenience store located on the casino property.

The new facility is called the Pequot Outpost and includes a Mobil gas petrol station, convenience store and restaurant. The 24-pump gas petrol station provides both gasoline and diesel fuel and is open around the clock.

Fibrelite’s ‘Best of the Best’ Products Specified

While designing the underground storage tank and piping system for the site, the architects chosen by the Mashantucket Pequots requested that the “best of the best” products be used throughout the system. Fibrelite’s local distributor, Wildco, Inc., recommended that the architects specify Fibrelite fill sumps, tank sumps and manhole covers for the tank top area.

Watertight and Maintenance Free

Fibrelite recommended the S14CR-3100-MP fill sump system along with its S14CR-3100-WT watertight turbine sumps. Both the fill sump and turbine sump systems are designed to be watertight and maintenance free. The systems include fiberglass fibreglass tank sumps with watertight lids and manhole covers. The fill sumps use watertight Fibrelite FL100-MP multiports while the turbine sump kits include an FL100 watertight cover.

Tank Pad showing FL100-MP Fibrelite Multiport Cover and FL100 Cover
Tank Pad showing FL100-MP Fibrelite Multiport Cover and FL100 Cover

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

Highly Engineered, Monolithic FRP GRP Composite

Fibrelite’s 40″ watertight multiport direct fill covers and 40″ composite covers are lightweight, durable and very strong. The covers include “multi-wiper” gaskets that ensure a watertight seal. Every Fibrelite cover is manufactured using high-technology RTM production methods to create a highly engineered, monolithic FRP GRP composite product. Fibrelite’s tank sumps are also designed using high-tech vacuum-assisted moulding production methods and are factory-tested under vacuum to ensure they will be watertight.

Fibrelite Turbine and Fill sumps
Fibrelite Turbine and Fill sumps
Fibrelite Turbine and Fill sumps

On-Site Support and Vacuum Testing

For the Pequot Outpost job, Wildco supplied a single fill sump and turbine sump system for each of the (4) underground storage tanks. Fibrelite also provided site support and vacuum testing services during the installation and construction process. Each joint of the tank sump was fiberglassed fibreglassed and bonded to ensure a watertight seal. Prior to backfilling the sumps, Fibrelite vacuum tested each of the sumps to ensure that the sump walls and joints were vacuum and watertight.

Fibrelite structural platforms
Fibrelite structural platforms
Fibrelite structural platforms

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