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Fibrelite Supply Lightweight Composite Trench Covers Over a Riverside Valve Chamber

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Fibrelite Super Light Duty trench covers were recently chosen to replace cobbled covers over a valve chamber at Newby Bridge. The covers were installed to provide access to a chamber containing valves which control the flow out of the lake into the River Leven below.

Beautiful Lake District location
Beautiful Lake District location

Heavy cobbled covers delay urgent work

The chamber, containing Penstock valves, is situated alongside a large weir within the boundary of the idyllic Lake District National Park. The Fibrelite covers replaced steel recessed covers with cobbled stone infill. These heavy covers could not be removed manually, requiring lifting equipment to gain access to the valve chamber. This time consuming and costly procedure also caused major problems in emergency situations, when immediate access to the valves is often required to regulate the flow of water out of the lake.

Cobbled covers requiring lifting equipment
Cobbled covers requiring lifting equipment

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Lightweight Fibrelite trench covers now installed
Lightweight Fibrelite trench covers now installed

Easy, quick and safe access with lightweight Fibrelite trench covers

Fibrelite’s Super Light Duty trench covers were identified as an obvious solution to this issue for their high strength, low weight and ease of manual handling. Fibrelite designed and manufactured lightweight, composite trench covers, which were supplied complete with an encapsulating aluminium frame and steel support beam. The light weight of Fibrelite composite covers, combined with the use of the FL7 lifting handle, ensures that these covers can now be easily and safely lifted manually. This allows operatives quick and easy access to the chamber as soon as required. The cover arrangement had to be designed to allow for removal of the actuator valve for future maintenance or replacement. Fibrelite achieved this by using a central removable support beam that gives complete access to the valve pit. Due to the riverside location, the area is prone to flooding. For this reason, Fibrelite supplied trench covers with restraining bolts to ensure these covers remain in the frame during flooding events.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy access due to light weight
  • Bespoke cover sizes up to 1.8 metres long
  • Non-slip surface
  • Load ratings from A15 – F900 (BS EN124)
  • Corrosion resistant and maintenance free
Easy lift Fibrelite covers
Easy lift Fibrelite covers

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