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Bespoke Fibrelite Tank Sump Bonding System Eliminates Need To Replace Tanks At Shell Fenstanton

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Fibrelite’s UK engineering team created a bespoke chemical bonding system to attach GRP tank sumps to the old steel tanks, eliminating the need to replace them.

As part of the refurbishment of Shell Fenstanton, new tank sumps were required, however the old steel fuel tanks did not have upstands for the chambers to bolt to.

Fibrelite chambers bonded directly to previously installed fuel tanks upstands

Shell required a retrofit watertight solution to replace previously installed brick chambers without replacing the tanks. The old tanks did not have an upstand, which made installation challenging as bolt down chambers could not be used.

Previously installed brick chambers

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

Fibrelite used a multi-facetted GRP chamber system and an epoxy putty compound to bond the collar directly onto the steel tank. After bonding the collar to the tank, Fibrelite laminated the chamber to the collar. Preparation of the steel tank and of the collar before bonding was key.

Preparation of the steel tanks and collar was key
Fibrelite collars bonded ready for chamber installation

Bonding the chambers directly onto the existing tanks saved Shell time and money on installation while providing a fully watertight chamber system, which will endure year after year.

The site team conducted a vacuum test onsite after the install to ensure water tightness of the chambers.

An epoxy putty compound was used to bond the collar directly to the tank
Fibrelite tank chambers were laminated to the collars

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