Simplifying Installation and Fuel Delivery in Romania

A Romanian oil company approached us for an easy to install, reliable above ground fill point solution including associated internal equipment (pipework and fill caps) that would perform for the life of the site, allowing safe, quick fuel delivery.

We provided a maintenance-free solution built to perform for the lifetime of the site. Our vacuum testable FRP GRP above ground remote fill sump protects against water ingress (or fuel exit) and unauthorised entry, while allowing easy access for fuel delivery (eliminating the need for individual seal cap locks). The composite material is impervious to corrosion, ensuring continued performance. Installer friendly KPS piping connects fill points and remote fill minimising installation time. Finally, OPW tight-fill top-seal caps, were installed on top-seal adaptors, assuring a positive, water and vapour-tight seal.

Romanian Fuel Retailer specifies OPW products for series of installations