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Fibrelite Supply Covering Solution to an Entertainment and Shopping CenterCentre in Downtown KL

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A major Malaysian utility company contacted Fibrelite Asia for advice on a specific set of issues it was experiencing with an existing installation.

The brief was to offer a retrofit covering solution that provided safe and easy access to the underground water valve that required regular access for maintenance, whilst at the same time eliminating the existing pedestrian trip hazard due the open grating used. The company were concerned about the potential manual handling issues that their employees could experience along with the potential hazards to the general public when using open grating in a highly pedestrian trafficked sidewalk.

The location of the installation, which was on the sidewalk of a high-profile area of the city within immediate access of a large shopping and entertainment complex, meant that the replacement covering solution had to negate the need to break out the surrounding area.

Metal covers causing a trip hazard for pedestrians
Costly cover removal
Costly cover removal

No Compromise on Performance

Upon request, Fibrelite can provide bespoke and custom solutions. This means that the panel dimensions, internal stiffeners and fibre architecture can be altered to optimise the performance of each panel based on project specific design criteria.

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

Fibrelite supplied a bespoke encapsulating frame that fitted directly into the existing rebate along with the Fibrelite 1.5 tontonne load rated trench cover for the pit arrangement. The installation was extremely challenging due to the limited time available. Once the existing grating was removed the sidewalk needed to be re-opened within a few hours. To overcome the time constraints a bespoke epoxy grouting system was used to install the covering system.

Not only did the Fibrelite provide a retro-fit lightweight trench cover arrangement that complies with manual handling requirements for safe and easy access the covers also provide unparalleled anti-slip/skid properties due to the anti-slip material within the top treaded surface of the covers.

Bespoke Fibrelite trench covers
Bespoke Fibrelite trench covers
Lightweight GRP composite trench covers
Lightweight GRP composite trench covers

Sophisticated Highly Specialised Material

Fibrelite is the world leading manufacturer of FiberGlass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) GRP) composite manhole covers and trench covers. This sophisticated and highly specialised material is fast becoming recognised as the more effective modern alternative to traditional materials such as heavy steel and concrete.

Benefits over the more traditional, technologically inferior metal covers:

  • Lightweight for easy and safe manual removal
  • Load ratings from A15 to F900 (BS EN 124)
  • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant
  • Anti –slip/skid properties

Benefits of Fitting a Fibrelite

  • Customised solutions
  • A fit and forget product that will not corrode or fade
  • Improved productivity for both operational and maintenance crews
  • Improved health and safety practices
  • Technical support

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