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Tank Sumps

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Suitable for FRP GRP Tanks with a Collar Ring

Suitable for Steel and FRP GRP Tanks with an Upstand

Solid Base Sumps for Retrofit Solutions

The Only Truly Watertight Sumps. Available for All Tank Types Including Fiberglass Fibreglass, Steel and Polyurethane Coated Steel

Available in round, square or rectangular, Fibrelite tank sumps are designed to create the maximum possible space for maintenance teams and installers to work.

Round tank sumps  are available from a 45″ to 60″ diameter

Square tank sumps  are available from a 45″ to 48″ square

Most sumps are also available in solid bottom versions that can be utilized as transition sumps.

Mounting Options

Fiberglass Fibreglass tank sump mounting options are available for 42″, 48″ and 54″ fiberglass fibreglass tank collars. Other tank mounting options include round and square tank manway flanges and solid bottom sumps for tank fitting adaptors. Finally, Fibrelite offers a 42″ tank collar for installing our sumps directly onto fiberglass fibreglass jacketed tanks.

Easy Installation. Consistently Dependable Fit and Forget

Fibrelite produces high-quality one-piece moulded, FRP GRP components with a smooth surface for easy installation of entry boots. All products are designed and manufactured to withstand high ground water pressure after installation for the lifetime of the site.

Made for You

From our inception, we’ve grown through finding solutions for our customer’s challenges, often resulting in entirely new products. If you have a requirement that you can’t find on our website, email  enquiries@fibrelite.com or call +44 (0) 1756 799 773 our technical team and we’ll work together to find a solution.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Watertight – structure will not deform under water pressure
  • Can be buried up to 3m (10’) deep
  • Anti-static surface
  • Vacuum testable during and after installation
  • Available for both new and retrofit applications
  • Sump extensions available; extend sump height by 12″ per extension
  • Guaranteed uniform 1/4″ wall thickness
  • Certain tank sumps are compatible with E85 and biofuels
  • Will resist corrosion
  • Withstands high groundwater pressure
  • Withstands extreme temperatures (-50°C/120°F to 50°C/120°F)
  • Smooth finish for easy handling


Fibrelite’s line of sumps is equipped with a wide range of accessories, including watertight lids, watertight spill platforms and “green area” lids. These accessories allow Fibrelite tank sumps to be utilised as turbine sumps, fill sumps, transition sumps and “green area” sumps. All Fibrelite tank sumps are designed to work with Fibrelite’s extensive range of manhole covers, multiport and offset fill covers.

Why Use FRP GRP Enclosures and Covers?

FRP (fiber GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is very strong, non-corrosive and requires minimal maintenance during its working life. Enclosures are guaranteed not to warp, bend or break after installation. A uniform moulded exterior allows for easy installation of bulkhead fittings.

All sumps are vacuum tested in one of our factories for tightness, ensuring against water ingress.

Our covers are designed with a watertight seal and are flush with grade level to prevent trip and fall injuries. Our ergonomically designed lifting handle provides safe removal and replacement of covers without risk of injury to the back and fingers.

When installed as a system, our tank sumps will provide maximum protection for your fuel lines while allowing easy secure access for fuel delivery, maintenance and inspection for

The Only True Protection

Against Groundwater Ingress

Supplying to 80 countries