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Retail Fueling Fuelling

Recently upgraded site with Fibrelite's 1020mm covers (FL100) and 300mm covers (FL120)

The Only Truly Watertight Systems

Fibrelite owes its success to an unrelenting focus on creating products that make customers’ lives simpler and safer.

30 years ago we invented the world’s first composite access cover. Today, we continue to push what’s possible in retail fueling fuelling.

Our pioneering systems offer the world’s only truly watertight containment, manufactured to deliver a lifetime of trouble-free service, regardless of the environment or conditions.

As the global standard in FRP GRP composite covers and underground enclosures, we continue to challenge perceptions and take retail fueling fuelling in a new direction, working with customers to create the best below ground products possible to shape tomorrow’s forecourts.

Unrivalled Strength-to-Weight

The Ultimate in Composite Engineering

Supplying to 80 countries

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