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California Business Development Chooses Fibrelite’s Covers for Easy Access to Fire Water Tanks in Case of Emergency

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A California business development required easy and quick access to their fire water manway tanks in case of emergency. They chose Fibrelite’s H20 rated trench lids which can be manually lifted so heavy machinery is not required. Fire protection tanks are water storage tanks specifically designed and used for commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional building’s fire protection systems.

Fire protection tanks
Fire protection tanks

High Loads for Heavy Traffic

An exclusive aluminium frame was used to install Fibrelite H20 trench lids. An H20 load rating was necessary since the panels are located on a sidewalk where heavy traffic regularly occurs. The frame was set higher than the sidewalk to create a slight slope in case of traffic exposure. Once the slope was created, the concrete-dried panels were installed and the maintenance department accessed the tank to check water levels and fill and disperse water as needed.

Fire Manway lids (tank buried underneath)
Fire Manway lids (tank buried underneath)
Completed Installation
Completed Installation

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The Benefits of Using Fibrelite’s Composite Access Covers

  • Lightweight reducing lifting and handling issues: The trench covers are easily removed by a two person lift
  • Custom covers are available: Designed to retrofit into existing frame, which prevents breaking concrete and substantially reduces installation costs
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Quick removal and no expensive and time-consuming lifting apparatus required
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant: Compatible to harsh industrial environments
  • Customized designs: Available in different colors colours which will not fade with custom logos
  • Composite is lightweight: Strong and unlike concrete will not crumble or crack
Lightweight composite trench covers
Lightweight composite trench covers

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