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Leading Middle East Oil Company Specifies Suite Of OPW Products For 20+ Site Qatar Upgrade Programme Including Fibrelite Sumps & KPS Piping

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Project Overview

In this case study, OPW is proud to show how their products (including the Fibrelite and KPS ranges) provided a leading Middle East oil company with a long-term underground containment and fuel transfer solution for their Qatar expansion programme (over 20 new fuelling stations) through their in-country distributor/agent Rumco.

Key requirements of this project included robust installation training and products which could stand up to the tough environmental conditions.

One of over 20 forecourt sites built during the first stage of the project

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As part of their Qatar expansion programme, this client required a reliable long-term solution for underground containment (tank, dispenser and remote fill sumps) fuel piping, and safety valves and fittings.

A solution was required that could withstand the constant high temperatures of Qatar summers (up to 50°C+) and the corrosive environment and high water tables at most sites.

Installation training and support was also a key requirement.

Vacuum testable Fibrelite GRP sumps provide a strong, durable, liquid-tight containment solution
KPS piping’s compact electrofusion fittings require the minimum welding time possible


OPW, through their distributor/agent Rumco, provided an easy-install long-term solution combining Fibrelite GRP composite tank, dispenser and remote fill sumps; Fibrelite GRP manhole covers; KPS double and single wall piping; and OPW valves and fittings (overfill prevention valves, shear valves, vapour recovery/fill adaptors and caps, and pressure vacuum vents).

Robust installer training was provided by OPW, including onsite support.

Vacuum testable Fibrelite GRP sumps provided a strong, hard-wearing, liquid-tight containment solution
Robust installer training was provided by OPW, including onsite support


The oil company (who’s worked with OPW products for many years) expressed pleasure at both the quality of the products and the level of technical support provided. OPW products have since been specified for the remainder of the upgrade programme.


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Fibrelite GRP manhole covers are typically 1/3 of the weight of an equivalent-size metal cover
Fibrelite manhole covers are an excellent insulator against heat
Fibrelite spill container covers can be quickly and safely removed manually

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