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Major UK Airport Choose Fibrelite For Safe Retrofit Replacement for Ageing Concrete Recess Covers

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Project Overview

To meet the demands of an increasing population, this major airport in the North of England is undergoing major redevelopment.

Fibrelite GRP composite covers have been specified for a second installation in this development: a retrofit replacement for previous installed concrete recess covers over sewage systems, making access simpler and safer.

Fibrelite were pleased to play a part in this major project which will see the highest quality of suppliers from every industry leave their mark on this bustling facility.

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The previously installed heavy concrete recess covers were showing signs of severe corrosion, adding to the difficulty and manual handling risks when removing and replacing covers for essential monitoring and maintenance

Key considerations:

  • Covers were very heavy, making them time consuming to remove as well as causing health and safety risks.
  • Covers presented a trip hazard (especially during hours of poor visibility), as they did not sit flush with the ground surface.

Visually, these covers were an eyesore and were not in keeping with the aesthetically pleasing finish desired by the client given their recent overall investment.

Previously installed heavy concrete recess covers
Previously installed heavy concrete recess covers were showing signs of severe corrosion


The Fibrelite technical engineering teams created a retrofit composite covering solution

  • Covers were manufactured to fit existing frames, cutting installation time and costs.
  • Covers were manufactured and delivered within a month of PO.
  • The lightweight Fibrelite covers will perform as an effective covering solution even when subjected to heavy loading pressures, allowing safe removal by hand– Fibrelite covers offer the very best strength to weight ratio available in the market today.
  • Previous health and safety trip hazards created by the concrete recess covers were nullified by Fibrelite’s ‘fit and forget’ replacement solution, as the new covers were cut precisely to sit flush from the ground surface.

A modern finish which will not rust over time.


This northern airport now has an access solution that will continue to perform for the years to come.

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