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Bespoke Fibrelite Double Tank Chambers Enable Continued Use of Split-Compartment Tanks At Shell Eastfield

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Project Overview

When surveying Shell Eastfield as part of a refurbishment programme for the site, our UK site team discovered that two of the tanks had double manways that were too close together to install traditional tank sumps and required a bespoke solution work for a successful install.

Bespoke Fibrelite chambers installed at Shell Eastfield

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As part of their refurbishment programme, Shell specified watertight tank chamber, but two of the tanks had split compartments which meant they had two tank upstands. This meant that they were too close together to install traditional tank chambers/sumps.

Unusual site configuration with double tank manways
Previously installed chambers allowed water ingress


We fabricated two S12SQ Fibrelite chambers and corbels together, forming a bespoke solution which would fit the existing double manways.

After installation of the complete watertight chamber systems, our UK site team performed a vacuum test to ensure that the Fibrelite systems were liquid tight.

Two Fibrelite S12SQ tank bespoke chambers were fabricated to fit the manway configuration
The new double chamber fit to the previously installed split container tanks
The new custom chambers provide a liquid-tight solution


These bespoke chambers allowed Shell to continue using their installed tanks and provide a liquid-tight solution which will last the lifetime of the site.

Fibrelite chambers were vacuum tested post-installation
Fibrelite’s composite manhole covers appear bunched together on the surface to cover the joint chambers

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