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Fibrelite Supply Trench Access Covers to Gas Substation

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The health and safety issues associated with tired, cracked and crumbling concrete and bowed rusting steel covers have been instantly removed. All these hazards are eliminated with Fibrelite’s non-corrosive, non-cracking, slip resistant and incredibly strong trench panels.

How to Eliminate the Hazards – Install Fibrelite Trench Access Covers!

For this installation, Fibrelite supplied B125 trench access covers to allow ease of access to a large valve pit (clear opening of 2.25m x 1.2m).

Summary of Composite Benefits Versus Steel and Concrete:

  • Composite is lightweight, strong and unlike concrete will not crumble or crack
  • Specially designed lifting aid eliminates back injury and crushed fingers
  • Perfect metal theft deterrent as zero resale value
  • Non-metallic, non-conductive and will not spark
  • Excellent insulator against heat
  • Unaffected by underground gasses and most chemicals
  • Incredibly strong monolithic structure that will not delaminate
  • Treads incorporate a specialised anti-slip material equivalent to modern high-grade road surface
  • Range of UV stable colors colours available that will not flake or crack
Easy and safe access to underground systems
Easy and safe access to underground systems

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

Trench panel being lifted easily using Fibrelite's FL7A lifting aid
Trench panel being lifted easily using Fibrelite's FL7A lifting aid

Designed as a ‘consistently dependable’ ‘fit and forget’ product for civil engineering situations. The maintenance free FM45 is perfect for covering large areas, gullies, trenches and ducts where occasional or frequent access may be required.

Panels can be installed on a pre-laid concrete rebate or our modular aluminium frame system which is self-keying into surrounding concrete. They can be used for a multitude of applications: from shopping center centre walkways and industrial facilities to HGV loading areas in water treatment plants, utility and power stations. No other covering system matches its easy lift, skid resistance or load carrying properties.

Trench covers are a standard width of 450mm with a range of length options from 800mm to 1600mm. For larger areas of structural flooring, additional central support beams can be installed to extend the covering area. Bespoke sizes are also available – please contact us for further details.

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