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Fibrelite Supply 120 Orange Coloured Composite Covers for Remediation Wells

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Coloured Covers for Easy Recognition

Fibrelite has been specified to provide watertight FRP GRP composite access covers for over 120 remediation wells linked in hundreds of metres of trenches. Covers were either C250 (25 ton) tonne) for standard traffic and D400 (40 ton) tonne) for HGV loading areas.

The trenches before Fibrelite install
The trenches before Fibrelite install
Heavy duty Fibrelite FL60/D400's
Heavy duty Fibrelite FL60/D400's

Lightweight, Watertight, Strong and… Orange!

These were only some of the required criteria for specifying Fibrelite:

  • Lightweight: for easy and safe manual handling during installation and during the regular removal and replacement.
  • Watertight: to ensure no dirt or water can ingress into the remediation wells.
  • Strong: Despite the covers being lightweight it was important that they could withstand frequent heavy loads from HGV’s and heavy plant. With Fibrelite covers ranging from 1.5-90 ton tonne loading ratings, this was not a problem.
  • Orange: It was important that the covers could be easily seen in a dirty and sometimes hazardous environment.

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

No Need for Painting…

Fibrelite can provide covers in practically any color colour with a RAL reference. Colored colour pigment is added to resin that is then injected to the cover, so rather than painting the covers a completely integrated color colour is achieved with the following benefits:

  • Will not fade
  • Will not flake or crack
  • Never requires repainting
  • Completely UV stable
  • Will not be affected by dirt and debris
Fibrelite's popular FL60/C250 cover
Fibrelite's popular FL60/C250 cover

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