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New La Liga Stadium in Central Spain Specifies Bespoke Fibrelite Trench Covers

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Project Overview

Bespoke Fibrelite GRP trench covers were specified by a new La Liga stadium in central Spain to provide easy access to utilities (electric and water) in and around the stadium. In keeping with many Premier League stadiums, leading architects and developers, this high profile La Liga venue was quick to embrace GRP composite technology in its infrastructure. In this instance, GRP trench covers provided a light, practical and proven alternative to traditional solutions in areas of high footfall.

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Conventional load-bearing manhole access covers are heavy, susceptible to corrosion in harsh weather conditions and difficult to install and remove. The problem facing the stadium’s architects and developers was how to retain the accessibility and strength, but improve the practicality, durability and performance.

The solution needed to be reliable, maintenance-free and long-term. It also had to take into consideration the safety of pedestrians walking over the covers, and simplify regular removal. In addition, the unique dimensions of the trench dictated a custom system of modular trench covers, with different load ratings in different areas: A15 load rated for pedestrian areas, C250 for the supplier entrance.

Fibrelite provided a custom system of lightweight modular GRP composite trench covers.

Fibrelite access covers provide a safe walking surface due to their unique tread pattern.


Having worked with leading clubs across the world, Fibrelite’s flexible engineering and manufacturing departments were able to create custom designs to match the exact specifications required by the stadium. Like all Fibrelite covers, these are GRP composites which are lightweight, corrosion-free and safe to remove by hand. They also have a skid-resistant surface equivalent to a modern high-grade road, making them ideal for pedestrian areas.

Fibrelite regularly design high-performance, maintenance-free, trench covers for stadiums around the world, featuring club colours, team logos and bespoke designs.


Thanks to Fibrelite’s rapid design to delivery process, and a responsive local distribution network, the project was completed within two months of the customer securing the official purchase order. The stadium now has a safe long-term covering solution which will last for years to come.


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Fibrelite covers are lightweight, corrosion-free and safe to remove by hand.

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