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Heavy Cast Iron Replaced by Fibrelite’s Lightweight Composite Covers

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A wide range of Fibrelite covers have been specified for a sewage treatment works following plans for a refurbishment and modernisation of the site. What’s more, this well-known water company were looking to combat the increasing problems with metal theft and the health and safety issues associated with the existing heavy and corroding cast iron covers.

Preparation work
Preparation work

With resin transfer moulded (RTM) composite having zero resale value to the scrap market, being lightweight for easy removal and easily achieving D400 load ratings where required, Fibrelite ticked all the boxes.

29 covers were specified in total:

2no. 1400 x 700mm
4no. 450 x 800mm
2no. 600 x 600mm
12no. 900 x 900mm
3no. 760 x 760mm
6no. 450 x 450mm

These Fibrelite covers are currently being installed. Rather than excavate, the covers will be sat directly on top of the manholes with a new layer of concrete shuttered on top of the existing up-stand.

Easy and Safe Access

Once installed, Fibrelite’s composite access covers are lightweight, durable and very strong.

Every Fibrelite cover is manufactured using high-technology RTM production methods to create a highly engineered, monolithic composite product.

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

Summary of Composite Benefits

  • Composite is lightweight, durable and strong
  • Specially designed lifting aid eliminates back injury and crushed fingers
  • Non-metallic, non-conductive and will not spark
  • Excellent insulator against heat
  • Unaffected by underground gasses and most chemicals
  • Incredibly strong monolithic structure that will not delaminate
  • Treads incorporate a specialised anti-slip material equivalent to modern high-grade road surface
  • Range of UV stable colors colours available that will not flake or crack
Single FM45 ready for new concrete to be poured
Single FM45 ready for new concrete to be poured
Ease of access: manholes that will soon have a new Fibrelite access cover
Ease of access: manholes that will soon have a new Fibrelite access cover

Cost Competitive – Whole Life Cost

Composite covers have always been seen as a high-cost alternative to traditional metal products. However, with Fibrelite’s technological advances in the manufacturing process, the development of our B125 covers and rising metal prices, composite can now compete head to head with the likes of cast iron.

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