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Fibrelite Composite Covers Selected to Renovate UK Substation Trenches

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Fibrelite’s work replacing unsafe and damaged trenches at Substations continues. The existing concrete and cast iron covers had begun to crumble and crack, causing health and safety issues on numerous sites. Trench covers manufactured by Fibrelite do not suffer from such structural issues and are maintenance free.

Lightweight composite trench covers
Lightweight composite trench covers
Fibrelite composite trench covers and aluminium frame during installation
Fibrelite composite trench covers and aluminium frame during installation

Further advantages include:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • No resale value to the scrap market so will not be stolen: A thermoset plastic, the composite makeup of the cover means it has no resale value
  • Non-metallic and will not spark
  • Composite is lightweight, strong and unlike concrete will not crumble or crack
  • Guaranteed structural performance: All covers are tested to EN 124 D400 load rating
  • Colors Colours and logos: Available in a vast array of colors colours and company logos available on request
  • Training for the installation team available
  • Range of sizes: From 800mm to 1600mm at D400 load rating, increasing in 50mm increments

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

Lightweight Covers, Making for Easy Removal and Still Maintaining Heavy Duty Load Rating

Due to their composite makeup, Fibrelite trench covers are lightweight allowing for easy removal even at D400 (40 ton) tonne) load rating. Coupled with the ergonomically designed lifting handle, all previous manual handling concerns and safety risks are no longer an issue. This improves efficiency and productivity on site; making for a quicker, safer and more cost effective working environment.

The installed Fibrelite heavy duty trench covers
The installed Fibrelite heavy duty trench covers

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