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Fibrelite Supply Super Light Duty Trench Covers for Specialist Waste Water System to be installed in the Antarctic

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Fibrelite Supply Trench Covers for Specialist Waste Water Treatment System

This specialist piece of equipment that has been designed and manufactured for use in the Antarctic required lightweight covers for easy access. Fibrelite’s range of standard trench covers was identified as the solution and became an integral part of the design.

The system is for treating black and grey waste water before discharging into the sea. This is all waste water from the installation including sewage, laundry and cooking etc. Working with the lead designer from the start we were able to manufacture the covers to fit the specific sizes required. In turn, the designer was able to ensure the Fibrelite covers were an integral part of the design. In harsh conditions in the Antarctic ease of access was critical and the fact they were lightweight for people to use was another major benefit. With such extreme temperatures, the benefit of FRP GRP properties being non-corrosive and not affected by temperature variations was critical. The covers are lifted regularly to ensure the system is working efficiently. For operators working within the facility, ease of access and safety are critical.

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The specialist waste water treatment system at this plant
The specialist waste water treatment system at this plant

At the Forefront of Quality and Innovation

Fibrelite’s range of standard and bespoke trench covers are available in a variety of load ratings, a wide selection of sizes to replace traditional cast iron or concrete versions. Designed as a ‘consistently dependable’ ‘fit and forget’ product, the maintenance free covers provide easy and safe access to the essential equipment. Fibrelite’s access covers are lightweight, durable and very strong. Every Fibrelite cover is manufactured using high technology resin transfer moulded (RTM) production methods to create a highly engineered, monolithic composite product.

Sophisticated Highly Specialised Material

Fibrelite is the world leading manufacturer of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite manhole covers and trench covers. This sophisticated and highly specialised material is fast becoming recognised as the more effective modern alternative to traditional materials such as heavy steel and concrete.

Benefits over metal and concrete covers:

  • Lightweight for easy and safe manual removal
  • Load ratings from A15 to F900 (BS EN 124)
  • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant
  • Anti-slip/skid properties
Ready for the harsh conditions of the Antarctic
The two systems were adapted for Fibrelite trench covers for access from above

Innovative. Durable. Practical. Proven.

Highly Effective in Preventing Heavy Lifting

Fibrelite’s trench covers have proved highly effective in reducing health and safety issues and potential damage to essential pipework.

Benefits of Fitting a Fibrelite

  • Customised solutions
  • A consistently dependable fit and forget product that will not corrode or fade
  • Improved productivity for both operational and maintenance crews
  • Improved health and safety practices
  • Technical support

No Compromise on Performance

Upon request, Fibrelite can provide bespoke and custom solutions. This means that the panel dimensions, internal stiffeners and fibre architecture can be altered to optimise the performance of each panel based on project specific design criteria.

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Unrivalled Strength-to-Weight

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