Retrofit Custom Covers Designed to Fit into Existing Frames Deliver Cost and Time Savings

Historically, trench and manhole covers have been manufactured from metal or concrete, which environmental factors can cause to crack, crumble, corrode or fracture. Where high load ratings are required (like road crossings, ports, airports) covers can weigh hundreds of kilograms.

Fibrelite covers offer a light, strong (A15-F900), corrosion-free alternative for every access requirement, accredited to the ISO quality standard and our FL90 and FL76 covers are accredited to the British Standards Kitemark.

When replacing previously installed failing concrete and metal covers, Fibrelite’s technical and manufacturing teams can work with you to create a retrofit covering solution to fit directly into your existing frames to avoid costly and time-consuming breakouts of existing structures and curing time resetting structures into concrete. In critical high trafficked areas this is a major advantage.

“These highly engineered composite covers have eliminated costly and time-consuming procedures, as well as allowing for a load rating of up to 90 tonnes. The associated increase in productivity and significant reduction in cost are huge benefactors for consulting engineers and customers alike” explains Fibrelite Technical Director, David Holmes.

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Key Examples

Sewage Treatment Plant

Fibrelite Solve Manual Handling Issues by Developing Composite Covers to Replace Heavy, Difficult to Remove, Concrete Covers

UK Port

Fibrelite Supply the First F900 Load Rated Composite Trench Access Covers to one of the UK’s Largest Commercial Ports

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