Fibrelite Composite Manhole and Trench Covers

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Fibrelite’s Composite Access Covers Tested at 32,500lb (14.7 tonnes)

Here we field test our FL90 multiport and a competitor’s cover for deflection: one of the key indicators used to see if the composite cover is fit for its intended use and how it will perform over its service life

Fibrelite GRP Sump Installation

Fast manhole cover replacement (new technology)

Fibrelite Manhole Cover Installation

Here we show you the installation method for Fibrelite Manhole Covers

Tank Chamber Installation (3D Animation)

3D animation showing the stages of a Fibrelite Chamber installation (featuring the S15)

Round Chamber Installation (3D Animation)

How to install a Fibrelite round chamber sump (featuring the S8)

Pipekit Installation (3D Animation)

3D animation showing how to install Fibrelite pipe sealkits / penetration fittings

Fast Manhole Cover Replacement (New Technology)

Circular saw cutting rig that allows for fast and efficient removal of old, underperforming manhole covers and replacing with Fibrelite’s watertight composite covers

Manhole Cover Seal Replacement Instructions (3D Animation)

How to replace a round Fibrelite cover seal. A 900mm (36″) FL90 cover is used as an example in this 3D animation

Specialised Lifting Handle for Fibrelite Covers – FL7A (3D Animation)

How to remove and replace Fibrelite’s covers using our specialised FL7A easy lift handle

Lightweight Watertight Composite Covers (Slideshow)

Lightweight watertight composite covers (Slideshow)

Translated and Subtitled Videos

Fibrelite’s Composite Access Covers Tested at 32,500 lb (14.7 tonnes)

  English Subtitles

Fibrelite Schachtabdeckungen Wurden Getestet Mit 14,7 to

  German Subtitles

Kompozytowe Pokrywy Dostępowe Fibrelite Testowane Przy Obciążeniu 32,000 Funtów (14,7 tony)

  Polish Subtitles

Chiusini Fibrelite in Materiale Composito Testato a 14,7 Tonnellate

  Italian Subtitles